December 4, 2020

600mm f/11 | Worth it?


At f/11, Can this lens be any good? Find out below.

Saturday, November 28th, 2020.

The hometown hotspot known as Swan Lake Iris Gardens was being rained out and the wildlife was not moving. So, we took a little trip.

This trip consisted of Daniel Riddle, Charlie, and myself; and a 4+ hour drive - One Way.

This four hour trip was to Cataloochee Valley in North Carolina,

Wonderful little place with a relatively new herd of Elk - part of a conservation effort from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Golden Hour

As a 600mm lens - for less than $1000 - this lens is PHENOMENAL!

The f/11 factor is rather unimportant when looking at these images, I believe.

These images were taken on the Canon EOS R6 - 600mm F/11 - at Golden Hour.

Golden Hour, for those that do not know, is the magical moment when the sun is just above setting. The last few minutes of pure golden sun, before it starts turning blue or red, depending on the atmosphere conditions.

This lens did incredibly well. It has also done wonderful with BIF, Birds In Flight, although it is a little difficult to keep a Kingfisher in the frame because of the speed they travel, it is doable - and the Auto Focus of the R6 is absolutely wonderful - more to come on that.