Jacob Qualls - The Story.

I am a multi-time published photographer from South Carolina, USA and my photographic story started soon after the release of the Iphone 3 - not paid nor do I like Apple anymore, Android here - I went outside during a thunderstorm, stood on the porch and frantically tapped the screen until I caught a bright light on the screen. At that point in time, when I finally captured a bolt of lightning - something changed. A switch flipped in my mind that if I could do this with a PHONE - what could be done with a camera??!!

That following Christmas, my Mother gifted me a Nikon D3000 - also not paid, now a Canon user - which I used for a while, then sold the whole kit and upgraded to the D5100 - See above, Canon user here - years went by, my love for photography grew to heights unimaginable. I was now shooting for local bands at bars and helping promote them - even helped one lead guitarist land an endorsement with EMG Pickups.

Fast-forward a few years. I sold ALL my equipment; Camera bags, camera bodies (3) and lenses galore, all of which fit Nikon. Sold it all and switched to Canon - Not paid, Yet..... Trying - Bought a Canon SL1 and my work flourished. I was now shooting for international touring bands (Third Eye Blind, Thomas Rhett, Corey Smith, etc..) but something wasn't sitting right with me.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions

"Black and White was a nice choice for this photo! We love how it makes your subject stand out!"

—Canon USA