Jacob Qualls | Photo by Daniel Riddle | Jacob Qualls Photography

Welcome everyone. My name is Jacob Qualls

A Freelance - Photographer/Videographer/ and Part 107 Certified Drone Operator.
Since picking up the camera nearly 15 year ago - my portfolio has changed drastically over the years!
From shooting macro, to landscapes, to stormscapes, to international touring bands, to wildlife and conservation, real-estate, and commercial work.

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The Natural World Has A Way Of Showing Diversity

Great Blue Heron/Great White Egret Hybrid | Jacob Qualls Photography

Great Blue Hybrid

Meet the Great Blue Heron/White Morph Reddish Egret Hybrid. He has all the crazy mannerisms of a Reddish Egret, the stature of a Great Blue Heron, and is a creature all on his own.
This specific time of year - March - is breeding season for the birds in Florida, and this Hybrid was no different - though there was no elegant plumage typically associated with breeding season, you can tell by the Lore - in that fantastic Cyber Blue/Purple color.